New Zealand Manuka New Product Launch Event

At 3:00 pm on the 11.16th, the New Zealand Life Museum held a new product launch conference in Manuka. On Saturday, everyone was on the second floor of the Living Pavilion. In a comfortable and elegant environment, you can taste natural food and not only taste high-end food and wine. Can experience the best parent-child experience with children.

Manuka product display


01- Opening speech  

Ms. Liu Lu, Chairman of the East Pacific, spoke about the introduction of the New Zealand Life Museum project, recommending natural good things and sharing the ultimate life for everyone.

02-Share brand story

New Zealand Manuka brand Justin Crooks introduces the beautiful brand story of New Zealand and Manuka, and the fluent Mandarin has narrowed the distance with consumers.

03-Site experience

The guests tasted Manuka honey and Manuka honey on the spot, and the beautician gave the guests a skincare experience.

04-lottery session

06-Collective photo

Finally, the New Zealand Manuka New Product Launch Conference was a complete success. The photographer at the scene took a group photo for everyone.

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(The whole article include images is from Ultimate life wechat official account)

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