Elegant environment

with family and friends

take some beautiful photos

with eating the milk that offered from New Zealand farm

Enjoy the fantastic music

taste a delicate cake, and DIY self-pudding

what do you think if you are in this party?


The Ultimate Life

Dairy Theme

Invite you now!

02/11/2019 3pm


the second floor of the ultimate life

gifts prepared for every  participant


The New Zealand Ultimate Life is bringing you the most natural, healthy and top-end products in New Zealand, you can experience New Zealand’s highest-end brand culture, brand stories and sources without having to go abroad; experience New Zealand’s virgin forests, pastures and mountains; A feast of sight, hearing and smell!


Westgold comes from New Zealand’s natural free-range pastures, high-yielding dairy cows, high-quality milk sources, and abundant pasture feeding, so customers can experience the best milk source in the world.

    Beewellplus Manuka Honey, 100% New Zealand honey, pure natural (taken from wild New Zealand Manuka tree), unique efficacy, antibacterial, anti-oxidant, destroy bacteria, treat body trauma, promote natural healing of wounds, especially in the gastrointestinal tract nursed back to some traditional drugs.


Milk cereal, healthy nutrition, a cup of milk honey, customers can also DIY fruit milk pudding.

Gift package

(The whole article include images is from Ultimate life wechat official account)

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