Attendees: Luna Liu, Kun, Li Ping, Li Zongyang, Michelle, Han Wei, Wang Sizhi, Sophie

Introduction: Luna Liu, director of Eastpac Corp Ltd., which is the brand management and marketing enterprise, and members of the New Zealand China International Trade Association exchang views on the export, branding and marketing strategies of New Zealand brand trade to the Chinese market.

During the meeting, Director Luna Liu introduced the New Zealand food and beverage brand exclusively represented by Eastpac to the participants, and displayed the upcoming on line & off line new retail project of Ultimate Life. Association members conducted in-depth communication with Luna on product traceability, supplier asset properties, product positioning, market strategy, channel protection and other related issues.
In this conference, Luna presented the participants with a highly competitive and unique New Zealand local product: King Salmon, a high-end pet food brand rich in Omega3 New Zealand Salmon King, and Mozzarella Cheese, which has a good reputation in the restaurant chain. Fresh-As dried fruit with freeze-dried technology and good flavours and Little Beauties with drying technology and sturdy taste, OOB ice cream with New Zealand organic fruit as raw material, Bee well plus honey with GPS positioning source, 8 water of New Zealand pure water source, etc. In addition, Luna demonstrates the origin traceability of the relevant products, raw material characteristics and quality levels.

In this meeting, Luna showed the Ultimate Life New Retail Experience Project to NZCITA members, which will be implemented in mainland in China, about the operation mode of the Ultimate Life project and the operational features of online and offline integration. Participants also conducted in-depth exchanges on Luna’s model of online operations, laying the foundation for cooperation between Eastpac and NZCITA.

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