For the quality of the products, the ice cream you tasted here, including the fruit inside, was brought from New Zealand.” Gregory Hall, the founder of Kohu Road Ice Cream, promised quality at the tasting.

Kohu Road ice cream founder travels across the ocean to be a guest

All ice cream ingredients are shipped from New Zealand with him together.

Thousands of bottles of Manuka honey for tasting drinks

All desserts come from Michelin-class chefs

Come and will get a big bag of luxury gifts


Recently, the New Zealand Ultimate Life in Luodai Overseas Chinese Town and China Art Library specially invited Gregory Hall, the founder of Kohhu Road Ice Cream, to visit the tasting. The guests brought the ingredients from the air to experience the taste of the world’s top ice cream.

Such an ultra-sized luxury ice cream tasting is behind their pursuit of quality excellence, regardless of cost, just to bring the best experience to customers.

Ten thousand kilometers distance one hour platform

At the tasting, Ms. Liu Lu, Chairman of East Pacific, introduced the New Zealand Life Museum, where milk, honey, cosmetics, and wine are all from New Zealand’s origin, aiming to bring consumers the most extreme and authentic New Zealand life. Experience.

A simple white shirt, tall and talkative, Kohuory ice cream founder Gregory Hall flies more than 10,000 kilometers and carries authentic Kohu Road ice cream ingredients and locally grown natural fruits without any added ingredients.

“It’s not like mixing wine, it’s not like mixing wine. It has to guarantee the taste of pure ice cream, and then it has pure natural flavor without any added fruits and vegetables.” Gregory Hall detailed the concept and production process of Kohu Road ice cream. The tireless pursuit may be related to his Japanese wife. The Japanese attach great importance to the craftsmanship, which also makes the Kohu Road ice cream unique. Some international superstars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and others regard it as a treasure of hospitality.

一次味蕾的颠覆 一次舌尖的邂逅

“The taste is simply not set.” “The entrance is soft and delicate, and the finish is long.” “This is the best ice cream I have ever eaten.” “You can really taste the most natural strawberry flavor in ice cream.” “Too delicious, stop. Not coming down”…

At the tasting, guests and children will do their own thing, using a variety of flavours of ice cream single ball wild fruit, when the pure ice cream melts on the tip of the tongue, close your eyes, you can even smell “New Zealand wide Natural fruit and grassy taste in the mountains.”

An ultimate experience, one of the most beautiful memories

In addition to on-site DIY ice cream, puffs, cookies, cakes and other desserts are filled with the whole table. The authentic Manuka honey water is fragrant and refreshing. The honey, biscuits and milk make up a large package of luxury gifts. The guests smiled.

The tasting was successfully completed and the guests were fully praised.

Heartbeat? The New Zealand Ultimate Life Wine Tasting is about to open, so stay tuned!

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