The Hansells name has been part of New Zealand for 80 years and Hansells Food Group was created when Old Fashioned Foods acquired Hansells and the two company’s brands were integrated.

Hansells was known for its essences and baking products as well as iconic New Zealand brands such as Vitafresh. Old Fashioned Foods was behind the traditional steamed pudding brand Aunt Betty’s which began selling in 1996.

The Hansells Food Group is a traditional food company with modern values. We have a passion for creating and representing innovative and quality food products – good food the way it should be.

Our Brand

We have a range of owned brands like Hansells that has been around for over 80 years and 70’s children Vitafresh and Thriftee, as well as Aunt Betty’s that is now celebrating its 20th birthday. Along with these local treasures we have a range of local and international brands that we enjoy representing in New Zealand. See below for more detailed information on all of the brands we own and represent.

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