Manawa Honey NZ has been established to bring unique honeys from the Heart of New Zealand to the world. As traditional gatherers of honey from our forests, you can trust that our honey has been produced with great care and respect for the natural world in which we live – all the way from the forest and the beehive to the jar.

Our History: ‘Children of the Mist’
We are tangata whenua, the people of this land, known by some as ‘Children of the Mist’, as we are born of the mist and the mountains (our
original ancestors Hinepukohurangi and Te Maunga). Ruatahuna holds the process find more about great significance for our tribe Tuhoe as it is the place of tribal origin,
as well as a refuge for our tribe in embattled times of the past, hence our name as Te Kohanga o Tuhoe. For centuries, our ancestors have lived
in the hills and valleys across this region, and have passed down through generations the precious knowledge of living deep within our native
forests. We are unique in New Zealand country as the only people to live in such bush-clad highlands.
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