Fine wine in a luminous glass;

one wants to drink but the mounted pipa player orders us onwards.

If we are drunk, crouching on the battlefield, do not laugh;

since old times, how many men return from war?

The 5,000-year-old Chinese civilization is a romantic poetry and wine culture. “When the pottery is used for wine, the rich man hides wine to thousand tons, and the long-term ones are unbeaten decades.”

During the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent Zhang Yi to the Western Region to introduce the technology of winemaking in the Western Region to the Central Plains. The wine became a royal family and a treasure for the nobles!

During the Han Dynasty, a wealthy person in Shaanxi Fufeng took a sip of wine and bribed the eunuch Zhang Rang, and was immediately appointed as the governor of Liangzhou. Later, Su Shi said with emotion to this matter: “The generals did not fight in a hundred battles, and Bo Liang won a cool state”, which shows the attractive charm of wine!

Pure, noble, romantic

Thousands of years of brewing craftsmanship and ingenuity

Let the wine shine with a dazzling brilliance

Lafite, Romani Conti, Salon…

At some elegant dinners, parties

In these red wines that exude amber-like glamour

Can’t help but covet

But where is it good?

How can we taste red wine gracefully?

In recently

Mr. Jianbin Li, National First-class Wind Taster

visit New Zealand Ultimate Life

With his 26 years tasting wine’s experience

explain the knowledge of red wind to all the guests

at the meantime, corrected many misunderstandings of our wine tasting

Get to these advanced skills

Can handle all kinds of wine parties with ease

Misunderstanding 1: Red wine should be tasted

Elegantly pick up the red wine glass

Gently glimpse on the red lips

The aroma of wine permeates between the lips and teeth

Is it good for yourself?


Mr. Jianbin Li said:

Drinking red wine like this is a violent thing.

Red wine must be drunk

Because every part of the human tongue is for taste

Sensitivity is different

For example, the tip of the tongue is easy to feel the smell

The root of the tongue is easy to feel bitter

Drinking a big red wine

Let the wine fully contact the entire tongue

Feel the taste of red, sour, sweet, and so on.

The top wine

Its taste stays longer in the mouth

Some can last up to 1 minute

The top level can even stay for more than 10 minutes

Misunderstanding 2: Red wine needs to wake up

Movie and television

The average person will gently shake with a red wine glass, named “wake up”

However, Mr. Jianbin Li told everyone:

Only a long vintage wine needs to wake up

Like a sleeping beauty

Just woke up when I was sleepy

Need to dress up to be beautiful

Waiting for the red wine to wake up its own taste can be opened

Mr. Li mentioned that he once tasted a top wine.

I felt very bland when I first entered the entrance.

The result was put down for half an hour, when I was ready to leave.

This glass of red wine “wakes up”

Great taste of the entrance

Can’t disperse in the mouth for a long time

But in addition to this hoarding for a long time

Ordinary counter red wine is actually not much different from waking up

Misunderstanding 3:It’s not good if the wine taste sour

“This wine is sour, it is definitely not a good wine.”

In many cases

Some people drink red wine felt sour

The first reaction is that this wine is not good.

In fact, this is a big mistake.

Mr. Jianbin Li said

In fact, acid and glutinous rice are an important taste of red wine.

Good red wine has a certain sourness and astringency

This is the smell of good wine.

But this sour is not the same as ordinary

It can make you full of life

The tongue won’t be too irritating

There is another kind of taste

Let your taste buds relish for a long time

Can’t stop

At this tasting

The owner of New Zealand Ultimate Life specially took out

Famous Sauvignon Blanc wine

And a bottle of Pinot Noir red wine valued over RMB 3,000

Flavor of aromatic alcohol a long stay between the teeth

Let the guests can’t help but drink a few bottles of Pinot Noir.

Exquisite butcher, sweet dessert, fine wine a feast on the tip of the tongue

Make everyone happy

Such a luxurious wine party

Can’t you be attractive

More distinguished experience

In Luodai OCT·Chinese Art Library

New Zealand Ultimate

Waiting for next

(the article and pictures are copy from Wechat Official Accounts-New Zealand Ultimate Life)

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